eTickets are a snapshot of the registration details for each participant (and/or team) and can be used to assist with the onsite registration and check-in of participants.

eTickets are formatted to fit a mobile phone screen and can be printed one page summary. eTickets made available to each participant (and/or team) in our system are presented dynamically in those two formats and can be viewed or used in multiple ways.

You can manage the settings for your eTickets by clicking the Manage button next to the Event ID. 

Then click the eTickets button to go to the setup page. 

A summary of settings is then shown to you and you can make adjustments from there.

 - please note - the help icons next to each of the settings show more detailed help text in the live environment.

Click the Set Up button to setup the various eTicket details.

Set Up - allows you to specify what fields are displayed to the registrant on the eTicket.

Email Settings - allows you to view / modify the eTicket email that is sent to the person.

Send eTicket - allows you to send 1 eTicket to a person.

Bulk Send - allows you to send multiple eTickets.