To access the event reports, click the Reports button on the "My Accounts" page in the old portal.

You will have access to 6 standard reports, which you can download or customise. 

Downloading a report

To download a report simply click on the run button in the column of the report you would like the information on.

Run Button

This button will open the ‘Run Report’ page for the type of report you have selected. You can then specify what format type you would like the report. 

- XLSX - this option generates a Excel file in 2007/2010 

- XLS - this option generates a Excel file in 97-2003 

- CSV - this option generates a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file.

You can also specify how the report is sorted. This allows you to sort the data for up to 3 columns in ascending or descending order.

Customising Reports

To customise a report, simply click on the Customise button for the standard report which is closest to what you are looking for. 


For example if you wanted to download a report of all unpaid and incomplete registrations, you will want to customise the Simple Participant report.  

There are 2 sections of customise reports, Report Fields and Filtering

Under the Filtering section you can deselect Paid and Re-Entered and instead select Unpaid and Incomplete. Once you are happy with the data the report will be capturing, change the report name and description so you don't forget what the report is and then press save.

The system will then take you back to the Reports home page, where you will now see your customised report and can download the report to your computer.